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1. Find your phone and evaluate its condition

Just enter the name and details of your phone and instantly receive a price offer.

2. Free and insured shipping

You will receive our freepost pack within 48 hours to send us your phone. Simply drop it off at the post office. The shipping is free and insured up to £500,-.

3. Our experts check your phone

Sit back and relax, we will keep you updated on every step by email.

Get paid or receive your phone back for free

We will pay out the full amount directly to your account or make a new price offer. If you decline our new offer, the return shipment is of course on us!
How can I find out what my device is worth?

Instantly receive our offer

Of course you want to know what your phone is worth before you send it to us! In order to show you a realistic price offer, please answer a few questions regarding your device. Based on your answers, we determine the current condition of your device and the price we could offer you for it. Do our experts come to the same conclusion as you during our grading process? Then we can instantly purchase your phone and you'll receive the full amount directly on your account. That's what we call a win-win situation!

Evaluating your device - this is how

  • 1. Find your phone and evaluate its condition Just enter the name and details of your phone and instantly receive a price offer.
  • 2. Evaluate the optics as if you were to buy it yourself When it comes to the optical condition of your phone, place yourself in the future buyer's shoes. If you were to buy this phone, how would you rate it?
  • 3. Look at the device from all angles How are the edges of the phone looking? Did you also check the backside? In the end, the complete evaluation of the phone is what counts.
  • 4. Use our help texts and examples Along with every question we ask about your device, you can find a link to our help section. Here you will find some clues where to look for as well as some pictures that you show you the differences between 'like new' and 'acceptable'.
  • 5. Don't forget about the environment Preventing e-waste is good for the environment - and so is preventing extra shipping like returns. Please make sure to carefully evaluate your item. That way we can prevent having to make a new offer or even sending your device back to you.

As soon as we receive an item, we will notify you and the device is handed over to our trained Refurbishment Experts. They will fully test its functionality and look for scratches and dents. That's how we can ensure our high quality standards. Once they are done, we will of course share our evaluation results with you.

Frequently asked questions
How do you calculate the price?

The prices that we offer are based on various factors and can therefore change daily. Some factors that play a role in our price determination for your device are for instance the current marketvalue, how many we currently have on stock and how high the demand is with our buying customers.

How do I ship my item?

After closing your order, we will send you a freepost pack. It should arrive within 48 hours, but it's usually already delivered the next business day. With this freepost pack you can ship your device to us for free. And no worries, we also took care of insurance so your phone is safe, even when it's still on its way to us.

What happens after shipping?

As soon as we receive your device, we will send you a confirmation by email. Our trained experts carefully evaluate every item. The evaluation usually takes between 1 and 3 business days. In case our evaluation differs from yours, we will notify you by email and offer a new price.

Then it's up to you! If you are not satisfied by our new price offer, we will send you your item back for free and with insurance.

What happens if you evaluate my device differently than I did?

If we come to a different conclusion during our extensive quality check, we will offer you a new price for your device. We will notify you by email and you can then decide if you want to accept our new price offer. If you'd rather have your device returned to you, we will of course ship it back fast and for free.

You can check the current status of your sale at anytime in 'My Account'.

How long does it take to process my sale?

After we have received your parcel, it usually takes around 1 - 3 business days for us to evaluate it. We will send you an email as soon as the results are available.

How do I receive the money?

As soon as we have received your device and you accepted our price offer, we will transfer the money to your bank account or PayPal-account. That means you will receive the money straight away and don't have to wait for us to resell the device first.

More information about reBuy

reBuy: good for you, great for the environment

A look behind the scenes

Far too many products lie unused at home or end up in the garbage.

We believe that they don't have to be! reBuy stands for more sustainability in e-commerce. By selling to reBuy, you support a sustainable recycling economy and also get something for it in return.

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